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Peacock: Stream TV and Movies Online, Watch Live News

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A steady Internet connection and subscription to a streaming service is all you need to keep yourself sane from the everyday chaos of your life. And that is exactly why we would like to introduce you to Peacock TV. 

It is a new streaming service in the United States, which has NBC as its parent company. It has been designed to operate as NBC’s one-stop destination for all the universal video content including an exquisite library clustered with Comedy, drama, Universal Studios films, live sports and tons of new original content.

The streaming service contains and offers various stream subscription plans that might lead you to a dilemma. So we have prepared this highly informative read for you to understand the streaming platform along with all the significant details you’d require.

Here, in this read, you’ll get to know how the Peacock TV works, how much it can cost, what channels you’d get access to, data about its sports coverage, and how important the web link tv is for its activation on different devices along with the actual activation steps. So, lights, camera, and action!

Understanding how Peacock TV functions

Tons of over-the-top streaming services have made their way up to the top. And Peacock TV being the newest member in the streaming community has acquired a lot of appreciation too.

There is one common thing in all of these online services- they are subscription-based services. However, before we jumped to the Peacocktv com TV activation procedure, we thought you should know that it offers a free streaming service too.

It provides a free of cost service to let users have access to a limited number of content and have two additional paid subscription services (with and without advertisements).

Details on the subscription plans for

This part of the read has been assigned with the task of familiarizing you with the three subscription plans that the Peacock TV streaming service has put in place. Given below is the official price chart for subscribing to the service:

  • The free package- This free subscription package can be best for people who always have a strict entertainment budget. This subscription serves you with ads and grants you access to half of the entire content library of Peacock TV.
  • Paid subscription with advertisements- This subscription is named ‘Peacock Premium with Ads’. This costs users $4.99 a month and just $50 if subscribed for a year. And although it comes with advertisements, we guarantee it won’t disturb your entertainment.
  • Paid subscription without advertisements- This subscription is named ‘Peacock Premium without Ads’. Users would have to pay $9.99 if they go for the monthly subscription and they’d only have to pay $100 for the entire year to upgrade to the ‘no ads’ package.
  • Accessible channels post- peacocktv com TV activation

Similar to any other smart device, NBC’s Peacock TV offers users an exclusive variety of channels to stream. It includes the NBCUniversal network channels:

  • NBC Proper (content will appear just a day later);
  • MSNBC;
  • E!;
  • Syfy;
  • Univision;
  • Bravo;
  • NBC News, and so many more.

Learn about the sports streaming on Peacock TV

The service doesn’t revolve around the classics or comedy or drama, it also clubs a smart and exclusive collection for live sports. At the time of its launch, four Premier League games aired on the platform.

Also, it was announced that during the season of 2020-’21 users would find more than 175 different Premier League matches. You just have to complete your peacocktv com TV activation and you will get an exclusive Olympics coverage.

Learn the basic activation steps for Peacock TV activate

This section of the read will walk you through the explicit steps involved in the activation procedure for getting Peacock TV services on any of your smart devices. Thus, stated below is the process for the same:

  1. Switch your device/s and get into the Play/App Store.
  2. Type in “Peacock TV” in the store’s search bar.
  3. On finding it, get it downloaded and successfully installed.
  4. Post-installation hit on the app’s icon and launch it.
  5. Note down the code that gets displayed on your screen.
  6. Head towards a browser and get into
  7. Move forth and enter the code shown on your device.
  8. That’s it. Your activation procedure is complete. tv activation for Apple TV

This part of the read will walk you through the steps that you’d have to undergo if you wish to activate Peacock TV on your Apple TV so, read on:

  1. Switch your Apple TV on and get into the App Store.
  2. Search for “Peacock TV” and get it downloaded.
  3. Once you complete the installation, launch Peacock TV.
  4. Note the code shown on your Apple TV or retain it.
  5. Get into the web link to move forward.
  6. Enter the retained activation code and finish it.

Head to your Roku device to stream Peacock TV

This part of the read is exclusive to assist you in activating the Peacock TV services on your Roku device. Keep up with following the steps stated below so that you can get it done and move to hassle-free entertainment:

  1. Initiate with getting inside the Channel Store of Roku.
  2. Use the in-built keyboard to search for the Peacock TV app.
  3. Go ahead with the download and installation process.
  4. Launch the installed Peacock TV app and go to a browser.
  5. Get into the official website by the service to sign-up.
  6. Once you’ve signed up, head to the Roku device and log in.

Get Peacock TV on your Amazon FireStick

Given below are the steps you’d have to undergo to get Peacock TV on your Amazon FireStick:

  1. Switch your amazon FireStick on and head to the Home Menu.
  2. Navigate yourself towards the FireStick Downloader.
  3. On reaching it, get in and type in the URL-
  4. Use a web browser to register for the service while it gets installed.
  5. Post-installation, use the account credentials on your TV to log in.
  6. That’s all you have to do to get Peacock TV on your Amazon FireStick.


The detailed read above has been carefully designed to deliver all the significant details you’d need to know about the Peacock TV, its functionality, subscription plans and channels it offers.

However, the above read majorly focuses on one particular subject- Peacocktv com TV activation. You’d find the explicit steps involved in activating the streaming service on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon FireStick to access its library full of entertainment collections.