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Table of Contents – Enter Activation Code

Some movies have taught us how important family and friends are, how difficult life can get and how it changes with time. And in today’s well-educated world we also get to watch different web and TV series, documentaries and so much more.

Herbert Marcuse was a German-American philosopher who played many other roles along with authoring book/s. And one of his quotes read- “Entertainment and learning are not opposites; entertainment may be the most effective mode of learning”.

Well, that was true indeed and here, in this read, we’ll be familiarizing you with the activate procedure that will make way for an exclusively redefined experience with entertainment.

Where technology has been really progressive, TLC, a Discovery, Inc. entertainment service, has been making its way to the top with a cluster of video content in many genres and certainly, has a great viewer base.

Here, we’ll be mainly focusing on the aspect of the whole streaming experience. It’ll present you with a brief introduction to the service, specific characteristics and benefits of the app, and activation procedures for four different streaming devices.

And with that, we feel responsible to inform you- you are in for a life-changing ride that’ll take you on a different world, filled only with entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

Things you should know about TLC’s parent company

You’ve all heard about Discovery, Inc. (global leader in real-life entertainment) that was initially known as a channel for introducing the world to a ton of different animals that were both known and unknown through the medium of exclusively informative TV shows.

Before you get familiarized with the activate procedure, you should know that TLC is a part of all the premium brands that this entertainment giant gave life to.

In the beginning, TLC was a cable channel that contained several shows for travelling around the world and reputed cuisines of the world.

In short, with its global outreach, TLC was responsible for bringing people closer to other countries, their culture, their cuisines and other specialities. Soon enough, smart TVs came to life and it changed the way visual entertainment reached every house across the world.

There are many other over the top streaming services that acquired their virtual existence since technology excelled and magnified the viewing needs. And that is when TLC became a streaming service rather than just a cable service.


After you’ve gone through, you’ll be able to stream a wide variety of video content from multiple genres that is inclusive of personal stories, web and TV series, reality shows and tons of on-demand shows from the cable.

Subscription details that you should know

Making it official, TLC even launched its own application that is compatible with several other smart devices and is instant to access- TLC GO. And to add to the experience, several streaming platforms have listed TLC channels on their viewing list.

These streaming or subscriptions platforms can be DirecTv, Fire Stick, and Roku and there are a few prerequisites that you’d have to meet before we can take you on the activate journey. Let’s share them with you:

  • The TV subscription service you are on must be licensed to give access to streaming TLC content.
  • You must have or create an account with your TV subscription service so that you can complete the process.
  • You must get the application on your streaming device for an easier and better viewing experience.

Familiarizing you with the TLC GO application

Since we have already informed you about the TLC GO application, this section will be about sharing the features and benefits that come along with it after you’ve completed the activate.

Features that the TLC GO app entails:

  • You can log in with your TV provider and stream Live TV
  • You can do a genre search for your favorite content or the new ones
  • You can resume watching episodes across all your devices
  • Add episodes and other video content to your Favorite Shows list
  • You can even opt for saving liked videos to the Watch Later list
  • The app provides closed captioning support to users and their devices
  • Even Chromecast have acquired compatibility

Service perks that are entailed with the TLC GO app

  • You get to stream TLC LIVE from wherever you are and whenever you want
  • There will be unlimited access to all the video content available on TLC GO
  • You will be eligible to watch all the current episodes of the listed series
  • You can binge on all your favorite TLC shows and videos on all your devices

Activating the TLC services on your streaming devices

Now, this part will be giving you all the important information to go on with for your streaming devices- Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Spectrum, DirecTv. So, let’s move forth and look at the activation procedures below.

Going through the activation on Roku

  1. Begin by visiting the Roku channel store and get the TLC GO app
  2. Go through the installation and then launch the app on the Roku device
  3. Go on with the on-screen instructions to acquire the activation code
  4. Use a web browser to get into the web portal
  5. Find the box to put in the activation code you acquired and type it in
  6. Make sure it is correct and hit on “Activate” to begin the entertainment

Using activate on Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Initiate the process by getting the TLC app from the Fire Stick TV homepage
  2. Keep up with the on-screen prompts and get the required activation code
  3. Using a preferred browser go to TLC’s official activation portal
  4. Type the activation code, check its validity and go for “Activate” to finish

TLC GO activation on Spectrum devices

  1. Get into your preset Spectrum account and download the official TLC GO app
  2. Once it is installed, launch it and use your account credentials to sign in to it

Complete activating the TLC GO app on DirecTv Now

  1. Use your device to get into your DirecTv account
  2. Get the TLC GO app installed and then open it
  3. Keep up with the instruction prompts to get the code
  4. Head to the TLC activation page and submit it to stream


TLC has been around for a long time now and it has turned quite some heads with its premium video content. In addition to that, being a child brand of Discovery, Inc. was a great help in building up its reputation with proof of standard real-life entertainment content.

The detailed read above will begin with familiarizing you with the service, the features and perks that the exclusive TLC Go app entails and end it with procedures to undergo on activate for Roku, Fire Stick, Spectrum, and DirecTv devices.