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Activate NBC On Your Device


NBC Com Activate – Activate NBC On Your Device

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You know, there’s an American author who gave a very strong statement for the world that we live in, “We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.” Well, no one in this present world can deny the fact that everything around us has been transformed into entertainment. 

TV shows, movies, radio, events and gatherings, advertisements, and music are just a few examples of the entertainment that we experience every day and to a great extent depend on it.

Here, in this read, we’ll discuss one such entertainment brand that has been successful for decades in the United States and has been retaining its users or viewers for as long as we can remember- National Broadcasting Company (or as renowned, NBC).

Getting to the digitized world, NBC realized that over-the-top (OTT) streaming services have been taking up a large share of the entertainment industry, and so the NBC network was introduced online.

Here, we’ll be talking about the NBC com activate procedure along with the special traits the company designed for its users, the services the platform offers, the steps to download the app on your TVs, and so much more.

Learn about NBC and its major features

Now, before we go on to discuss activate, we thought you’d like to know what the service actually is. NBC is the oldest and a globally renowned commercial broadcast service for television and radio networks in the United States of America.

Reading on you’d find the list of exclusive features that the service entails in the present world of entertainment:

  • It’s a free application for all its users to stream live local and national news.
  • Free streaming of TV shows on smartphones and TV via Chromecast.
  • Get to watch famous NBC hits (TV shows) with a subscription plan.
  • Get to watch exclusive video clips of your favorite TV shows.
  • Link your Smart TV with a provider and watch all the live streams by NBC.
  • There are no geographical boundaries for streaming your subscribed plan.
  • You can adjust the “closed captioning” feature for NBC Live.
  • Save shows and stream across devices with NBCUniversal Profile.
  • Get credits to unlock and stream three episodes for no charge at all.
  • Get your entertainment from mobile to TV with Chromecast

Keep in mind that it is a free service for your phones and tablets along with Chromecast compatibility, but that’s only for watching live news. You’d have to go through the activation procedure of your subscription on to have access to more.

Learn what activate will offer you

nbc com activate

Again, before we take you to the procedure for NBC com activate, we just want you to have all the reasons for subscribing to the service. And that is why we prepared this section to help you understand what the service offers its users:

  • The NBC application has been made compatible with several devices that include Smart TVs, streaming devices, Blu-ray devices, gaming consoles and so much more.
  • You can watch live as well as on-demand content from the network that NBCUniversal works on and it combines NBC, MSNBC, E!, USA, Bravo, and Oxygen.
  • NBC News Now has been made free for all the users and other services need to be streamed after you’ve signed in with a paid TV provider and undergone the steps on

Know about the free content without NBC

You should know that the NBC app has a special “Watch For Free” section that combines all the content you can move on to stream without having a paid provider for television. This helps a lot as you won’t have to go through a lengthy procedure of searching which content is free and which is not.

However, it would seem a little far-fetched if you expect all the episodes to be available because in our experience many of the shows had unlocked an entire season to be streamed free and others simply weren’t.

Understand the functionality of credits for activate

The NBC App with all the exclusive features mentioned above is extremely special as it offers three credits at once. And those credits can be used to stream or watch the on-demand content on the service without having a pay-TV provider.

Once you create an NBCUniversal profile or account using your email address, you get your hands on three credits to watch any of the three locked episodes without undergoing the activation procedure at activate.

It is important to remember that credits never expire but then you won’t be getting to buy any more additional credits. This is why we suggest you save these credits for shows that are supposed to air on the cable network for NBCUniversal and not NBC.

Steps to download the NBC app before activation

This part of the read will simply walk you through the steps for downloading the NBC application that will then, lead you to a refined and enhanced entertainment journey with live news and original NBC content once you get access to a pay-TV provider along with completing the nbc activation procedure:

Mobiles and Tablets

  1. Begin by getting into the Google Play Store from the home screen.
  2. Type in “NBC” in the Search Bar and wait for the results.
  3. On finding the app, move forth to the icon of the application.
  4. Place your hit on the “Install” tab and then go ahead to confirm it.

Smart TVs (Android and/or Apple)

  1. Initiate the process by getting into the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Search for the NBC application to move ahead in the download steps.
  3. Navigate to get into the app window and hit “Download” or “Get”.
  4. Wait for it to download and go ahead to set it up for streaming.

Learn to complete the NBC com activate procedure

Here, we’ll finally be telling you about the steps you’d need to perform to get your NBC application activated with a paid provider for TV so that you don’t just enjoy the free content, but also have exclusive access to all its shows, movies and other viewing content:

  1. Initiate the activation by launching the app post-installation.
  2. Spot the option reading “Sign In” on the screen and hit on it.
  3. When the activation code gets displayed on-screen, retain it.
  4. Go to a web browser and navigate to
  5. Now, on reaching there, make sure you submit the valid code.
  6. Review the code and then hit the “Register My Device” tab.
  7. Wait for the confirmation text on-screen and then, that’s it.


The detailed read above has been exclusively crafted keeping in mind the present world entertainment needs and a specific streaming app by NBC, an American radio and television broadcasting network.

You had learned about the service along with its exclusive characteristics, the services that NBC offers to its users, data on whether free content is available or not, data on how the NBCUniversal Profile’s credits work, the steps to download the application and the activate procedure.