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Remembering life from a decade ago, YouTube was all we had when it came to watching videos on the Internet. But since technology evolved and brought several online streaming platforms, YouTube isn’t always the star of a conversation.

Now, let’s say we have some very mismatched ingredients in your refrigerator and you need to utilize them. For instance, say you have an apple, you have an onion, some cooked rice, soy sauce and some vinegar. Any idea what to do? Well, YouTube does.

It won’t just suggest you the options, it will show you the exact procedure to follow the recipe. And it is not just cooking videos, we go there whenever there is a new movie trailer, a new song release, or just to get some help with any technical problems.

Even though we have several video streaming platforms these days, YouTube still ends up being our first thought. Here, in this read, we’ll be discussing, which is a webpage for activating the service on other compatible devices.

Reading on, you’d find some specifics on YouTube, along with the significance of the activation procedure. And in addition to that, we’ll focus on the “YouTube Activate” procedure for Smart TVs, and Game Consoles (such as Xbox or PlayStation and Nintendo Wii). 

Enhancing entertainment experience with YouTube

Let’s just forget about activate for this part of the read and simply focus on YouTube. Go ahead and understand what the online service is all about.

It is a worldwide video streaming and sharing platform that provides an interactive window for all users. People can upload videos, create their channels, connect with the world and even watch videos uploaded by other creators.

Adding to the experience, recently YouTube allowed users to go LIVE from their channels/accounts, with a live comment section for people to share their views, opinions and interact with the host.

The service offers every person a chance to create digital video content- make music with visual aids, tutorials, or just recite your poems. YouTube is a place where you can fulfil your dreams and showcase your skills, and opinions in front of the entire world.

However, there is just one thing you need to do before you can have the authority to upload videos on your channel- completing the steps for the YouTube activate procedure, for any of your in-use devices.

Why is undergoing activate so significant?

This section of the read will help you understand why performing the activation steps on holds such importance. You know, how in school, you do not get promoted to higher grades if you do not clear your exams- it’s something like that.

You can easily access YouTube to watch videos as and when you want to, but whenever you decide on creating your channel and uploading videos on it, activating YouTube is the only route you can take.

Not going for activation would mean you do not have an audience and that’s what all YouTube is all about- content with a global audience to watch. Therefore, to be visible to the world, and to become a contributing community member of YouTube, we’ll help you get there.

Learn the YouTube Activate procedure for your channel

youtube activate

This section of the read will walk you through the steps that you’d have to undergo if you want to activate your YouTube channel and be able to upload videos:

  1. Switch on or open the YouTube application on your device.
  2. Go ahead and “Sign In” to your YouTube account on the device.
  3. Now, you use a tab on a browser to get into
  4. After signing in, you’d be able to see a code, enter it on the website.
  5. Post-submission, agree to the YouTube Terms and conditions.
  6. Once you’re through, hit on “Allow” and wait for the confirmation.

Note: If you do not have an account to sign in for the activate, you have to initiate the process by creating an account. For that, you’d need some specific details- valid email account credentials, country of residence, gender, postal codes, and the like.

YouTube activate for Smart TVs

Here, you get to learn the steps involved in activating YouTube on your Smart TV so, let’s walk you through the entire process:

  1. Initiate the process by downloading the YouTube application on your device.
  2. Move to sign into your account and wait to receive the activation code.
  3. Use a computer’s web browser and get into the web link
  4. Type in the exact code on the website as it is displayed on your Smart TV.
  5. Go on to hitting “Next” and wait for the confirmation page to appear on-screen.
  6. When it comes up, hit on the “Allow” tab if this step is required on the page.

Activation procedure for Game Consoles- Xbox and PlayStation

Here, in this section, you’d find steps involved in the YouTube Activate procedure for your Xbox and PlayStation:

  1. Begin by ensuring that your game consoles have the YouTube app.
  2. Navigate to “Sign In & Settings” and head towards pressing the “X” key.
  3. Sign in to your existing YouTube account and retain the displayed code.
  4. Use a web browser to visit the activation page to continue activating.
  5. Carefully, type in the code displayed on your screen and hit on “Next”.
  6. Finish the process by selecting “Allow” as and when you get prompted.


YouTube has been playing a significant role when we try to find a platform that lets you learn while getting entertained. Also, it is the first-ever online platform that lets every user create and upload content along with watching uploads from others.

The detailed read above has been crafted to help you understand the platform better along with the significance of the activation procedure. Not just that, we also guide you to carefully perform the procedure on