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Xfinity com Authorize – Let’s activate your device

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Do you know water is for a thirsty person? It’s paradise, and that is exactly what entertainment is for a human mind- paradise. We’ve seen several forms of entertainment, movies, songs, magic tricks, adventure outings, and the like. But, movies have always had a special place. 

Living in the most prosperous time of the 21st century, we’ve heard the radio, we’ve watched cinema (and theatres), and now, we’ve moved on to voice recognition bots and over-the-top platforms for entertainment.

Here, in this read, we’ll be discussing one of the most renowned American over-the-top or OTT streaming services- Xfinity. We’ll tell you the major features of the Xfinity service followed by required data to improve entertainment on your devices.

When we say you can enhance entertainment with your smart devices we are only referring to Xfinity com authorize, which you’ll have full exposure to later in the read. Additionally, you’ll learn to create an account on Xfinity, set up your device on, and more.

Understanding the features of Xfinity

This streaming service has been reputed as the best streaming service to provide uninterrupted entertainment modes for all of America and here, you’ll be learning about the key features that make it worthwhile:

  • Unlimited library collection- With an Xfinity account, you will have access to an unlimited and world-class video content collection including several International Channels, Premium Channels and Sports subscriptions are simply separated by one click.
  • Available for rentals and purchase- For users, video content available on the platform can simply be held on to. You can go on to type the following address on a web browser-, and choose to either purchase or rent content as and when you prefer. It, however, requires you to set up a PIN for your purchases so that you can monitor your transactions.
  • Comcast account prerequisites- Keep in mind that streaming on Xfinity requires you to have Comcast accounts and that further demands a few things including an Xfinity compatible TV or device, Xfinity Campus Membership, a set-top box for streaming Xfinity beta channel, a good Internet network, and of course, an updated web browser of your choice.

The account creation steps for Xfinity com authorize

It is probably understandable that when an online entity asks you to sign up for it, it is directed towards providing you with the best and the most feasible user experience that you can think of. And Xfinity is no different than all the other online services, which is why we will be walking you through the steps of creating an account on the streaming service platform:

  1. Initiate by getting into a browser and visiting
  2. Now, move on to looking for the sign-up key link and go for it.
  3. Provide with necessary details for successful account creation.
  4. Ensure 100% data validity and place your hit on “Create Account”.

Note: Mobile App users can follow the same procedure (from step 2) on the Xfinity App.

Learn to activate the Xfinity streaming service

Unless you let your device know about the functioning of a streaming service, there are very rare chances that you can enjoy or get entertained. Thus, the following activation procedure holds a much higher place in enhancing your experience with Xfinity entertainment:

  1. Begin by getting the Xfinity app on your Smart TVs and launch it.
  2. Retain the activation code displayed on the screen of your TV.
  3. Now, get to the site from a browser.
  4. Proceed by submitting the activation code you retained.
  5. Tap the “Continue” key link and keep up with all the prompts.
  6. Move forth by using your credentials to log into the Xfinity account.
  7. Post-activation, make sure to reboot the Internet connection.
  8. Once you are through, you can enjoy the Xfinity entertainment library.

Xfinity com Authorize for your Roku devices

Tons of devices can be compatible with the Xfinity streaming service, but Roku has always been the most preferred among all the others. Thus, this section of the read will walk you through the steps to set it up on your Roku device:

  1. Head to the Roku Channel Store, and launch the pre-installed app.
  2. Sign in to your existing account and wait for the activation code.
  3. From any browser, visit the website.
  4. Submit the unique 6-digit activation code in the allotted space.
  5. Now, sign in again from the web browser in-use.
  6. As the “Success!” text gets displayed and moves forth to the end.
  7. The “Terms of Activation” would flash next, then hit “Yes”.

Learn to activate Internet service for Xfinity com authorize

Since all these online entities function on Internet availability, it is significant to ensure that you have a strong connection. Thus, we are here to help you with activating Internet services for an undisturbed Xfinity experience:

  1. Begin with locating your Modem or Gateway and complete linking it.
  2. Give the linking procedure time to set and get ready for use.
  3. Ensure that you provide a network connection that is in a good range.

Note: You can also move to activate the Internet service on the official Xfinity activation web page.

Learn to set up Xfinity On-Campus

xfinity com authorize

Before we jump to the steps you’d have to undergo to set it up, we thought you would like to know what exactly “Xfinity On-Campus” is. It is an Internet protocol television (or IPTV) streaming service that Comcast offers to several colleges and universities to solve their on-campus TV service requirements. Now, given below are the steps to perform the setup:

  1. On your TV, direct yourself to the “Search” option link.
  2. Type in “Xfinity Stream Beta” and add it to your Channels.
  3. Now, Open the Xfinity App and go for the “Get Started” link.
  4. As you see the code, navigate yourself to the Xfinity website.
  5. On reaching there, submit the correct code as displayed.
  6. On the sign-in page, hit “Xfinity On-Campus Students Sign In Here”.
  7. Type in “Santa Clara University” and hit as and when you find it.
  8. On reaching the SCU Single Sign-in Portal log into your account.


As it is clear by now, Xfinity is a unique streaming service that provides the best of entertainment in all of America. The detailed read above has been focused on introducing you to the major features of the streaming service along with steps to create an Xfinity account, the usual activation steps on the Xfinity com authorize website, the steps to set it up on Roku devices, the steps to activate proper internet services and the steps to set up your Xfinity On-Campus account with your personal Xfinity account.