www.amazon.com/code verification

www.amazon.com/code verification

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We all know Amazon as the leading global brand when we talk about e-commerce and it didn’t take a lot of time for the brand to acquire an audience and get overseas. With the emergence of the Internet, they came online and their services were delivered to your doorstep. 

Amazon doesn’t just provide products to the entire world, it also provides valued services along with music, audio books, movies, series, and so much more. That is when Amazon Prime and Amazon code come into the picture.

You should know that Amazon Prime is an upgrade to your account on the platform that lets you enjoy the exclusivities of their services, which we’ll go on to learn further in the read.

Along with that Amazon com code is an original Amazon web link that provides you guidance and assistance with setup, activation and verification procedures. It might also be of great help in getting great discounts and offers.

Here, in this read, we’ll be walking you through the causes for choosing Amazon Prime, a better understanding of amazon.com/code and its verification procedure, the explicit procedure to setup Amazon Prime Video for entertainment and an additional part that would help you create coupons on the platform if you are an Amazon seller.

Why choosing Amazon Prime subscription is for the best?

The world we live in is extremely different from the world a decade ago- watching movies at home is not a luxury anymore. However, it does require a good Internet connection along with some charges to pay.

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you get to stream a wide range of video entertainment options for several content genres. But, that’s not all. You also get promo codes to use while placing an order and verifying your subscription on Amazon com code.

Mentioned below are the service benefits that Amazon offers to all its Prime members:

  • No fee one-day and two-day product deliveries
  • Same-day and on-schedule deliveries
  • No-rush and everyday deals backed by free shipping
  • Global video and ad-free music streaming (no limit)

What exactly is Amazon code?

This exclusive code service has been carefully ideated and then brought to existence. It has two primary functions- the first one is to help users set up their Prime accounts on big screens and the second is to apply the correct code to get offers, discounts, etc. that would further help you in saving more than you ever expect (on each transaction and the subscription).

Understand the verification for Amazon com code

Some of your data have to be submitted while you attempt to sign-up for streaming on Prime. In other words, sharing of these few details are considered inevitable and all of their needs to get verified on the website for activation.

Once the data gets verified, you can go on to activate your subscription on bigger screens and begin your journey on a lifetime of entertainment with movies, TV series, original documentaries and series that are available for people of every age.

There happen to be two ways to get your data verified- either by choosing voice calls or by choosing the text message medium. For voice calls, usually, it takes only a few minutes but sometimes it might take up to 10 minutes, and for texts, they are always instant but, you only have one shot at verifying before you enter the free-screen window for 30 minutes straight.

Use Amazon code setup process for Prime Video


This part of the read have been assigned the responsibility of guiding you through the steps for setting up your account with the Amazon com code to ultimately reach the world of refined entertainment:

  1. Initiate the process by switching your device on.
  2. Go to the channel or application store on the device.
  3. Look for and get the “Prime Video” application.
  4. Once it’s installed you have to go on and launch it.
  5. You are now required to retain the displayed code.
  6. Get inside www.amazon.com/code to move forward.
  7. When you get there, you’ll be asked to submit the code.
  8. Provide them with the code, same as shown on your device.
  9. Use the correct account credentials to log in (if prompted).

Amazon code for the exclusive Amazon sellers

It has been mentioned before that these cards can be used for two major causes- for getting your Prime subscription activated on other devices and for redeeming available discounts or other offers.

Now, enterprises or businesses that have been using Amazon as their storefront are given the authority to create the coupons they want customers to redeem. They can decide to offer essentials and make it live for people to use them.

Creative coupon crafting for Amazon sellers

This section of the read will guide you through the steps that you’d have to undergo if you’re an Amazon seller and you decide on offering your first coupon to the customers:

  1. Initiate the process by getting into your seller’s account.
  2. When you’re in there, tap “Advertising” and then “Coupons”.
  3. For the next step, get into the “Create your first Coupon” window.
  4. Pick and settle products for the offer list with their SKU and ASIN.
  5. Screen for “Go and Add a coupon” and place your hit on it.
  6. Keep up with the prompts and required details on the offer.

Note: As and when sellers complete creating their coupon/s, they’ll go on to make it public and that is when you (or a customer) can use it on the Amazon code website- www.amazon.com/code to redeem it.


The detailed read above focuses on familiarizing people with the original web link of Amazon com code that was designed with two things in mind- transforming the Prime Video entertainment to big screen Prime Video entertainment, and offering a platform for people to redeem their existing coupon.

Here, you learnt about the reasons that lead you to take the Prime subscription, the details on the official code submission web link, the setup process for Prime members, and the steps to create coupons for all Amazon sellers with some additional details.