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Don’t you think it is great that the world has been moving technologically forward? Well, entertainment gives you so many varieties now and we have come across our favorite ways to get it. However, it is hard to deny that movies do not hold the first place. 

Cinema has always played a special role in our lives since it was introduced to mankind and there are tons of reasons why. It wasn’t just the new experience they brought, it was also the newness of how imagination was discussed, enacted and presented to hundreds and thousands of people.

We all are familiar with Amazon (the e-commerce site) and its services that are based on the foundation of virtual existence worldwide. It wasn’t very long ago that the brand decided to get into the entertainment business.

In this elaborate read, we’ll be taking you on a magical journey with mytv that will not just redefine the way you enjoy movies today but it’ll also compel you to just get the Prime subscription and stream it on big screens.

Amazon has successfully created a global reputation, dismantling which is simply out of question. And when it came up with Prime Video (offering old classics, fiction, fantasy, action, thriller, and what not in movies), it made sure the image is intact.

To add to the experience, the Prime Video subscription doesn’t just offer you movies, it combines documentaries, cartoons, anime, web series and limited series, Prime original video content and so much more.

We’ll be walking you through a series of very significant data that will help get a great experience with your subscription and we’ll put some extra focus on enter code. So let’s not wait and dive into the depth of knowledge to redefine entertainment.


A brief introduction to mytv for you

This part of the read has been carefully crafted for giving you a clear insight into the entire MyTV experience including what the service entails and the primary reason behind its existence.

Do you know how tons of e-commerce sites keep offering different discounts, cashback and other such benefits? Amazon does that too. The only difference is it also came with its Prime membership service that lets people explore offers, subscription extensions, etc.

Members also get to use the Amazon promo code, or commonly known as Amazon code, for exploring and benefitting from it.

Likewise, along with all the benefits they offer, entertainment options made the list. And with the improving technology they came up with a solution for the users to stream all Prime Video content on their smart TVs- “the enter code” option.

amazoncom-mytv mytv is a web portal that has been exclusively designed to use the Amazon code and activate your Prime subscription on any of the compatible devices to further the process into streaming videos on it.

The brand saw its opportunity to get into the entertainment segment with the latest technological advancement of smart TVs and they took it.

A list of all the supported devices of big-screen streaming

This section is where you’d learn about the devices that are compatible for you to stream videos from your Prime Video membership collection:

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Firestick
  • Game Consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360)
  • Roku TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Sony TV
  • Xfinity X1
  • Other Android devices and iPhone/iPad

Amazon sign up for enter code

You should know that Amazon has mandated two criteria for getting access to streaming their video content on bigger screens- one, having an account on Amazon, and two, having a Prime Video subscription.

Once, you’ve qualified the mandatory requirements, you’d have to follow the below-mentioned steps to sign up for mytv:

  1. From a browser of your choice, get into the website by Amazon.
  2. Spot the option reading “Accounts & List” then go for “Sign In”.
  3. Place your hit on the option reading “Create Your Amazon Account”.
  4. Move forth by providing all the asked details for the sign-up.
  5. Double-check the details you put in and ensure all of them are valid.
  6. Again, go on with the “Create Your Amazon Account” option.
  7. Head to your mailbox and verify your account with the received link.


  • All the information you submit is essential for creating your account such as your full name, your contact details (email and phone number), and later you’d have to settle on a strong and easy-to-remember password.
  • It is not necessary that you receive an email for completing the verification. You might get a one-time password, or commonly known as the OTP, instead of receiving an email, and sometimes you might even receive both email and the OTP.
  • To move forward with activating your Prime subscription with enter code, you need to add in your card details and acquire a subscription.

Activation process for streaming Prime Video on big screens

Well, watching a collection of video content is not the only benefit that comes along with your Prime subscription. Yes, there are more.

Other perks include same-day, one-day, and two-day deliveries; free deliveries; appealing every day offers; no-rush shipping; on-schedule delivery (free); and unlimited access to video and music streaming (both global and ad-free).

This elaborative read has been focused on using mytv to get your Prime subscription linked to all your smart TVs and/or other big-screen devices, so let’s walk you through the steps involved:

  1. Switch your big screen devices (preferably smart TV) on.
  2. Get into the App Store on your smart device.
  3. On getting to the store, search for the app named “Amazon Prime”.
  4. Get it added to the “Channel” section on your device on finding it.
  5. When that is done, go on to launch it on the device.
  6. Spot and hit on the “Register on the Amazon Website” option.
  7. On receiving the displayed code, write it down and retain it.
  8. Get back to your computer for enter code.
  9. Begin by signing into your Amazon account with valid credentials.
  10. Now, move forth and put in the displayed code you retained.
  11. Ensure the code is correctly entered and place it on “Register Device”.


The detailed and exclusively informative read above has been focused on familiarizing you with what mytv is. Here, you understood the basic idea of the Prime Video service and the Amazon Prime subscription along with the specific web portal they created for helping people stream videos on big screen devices. With the technology moving forward, tons of smart TV variants emerged and Amazon took the opportunity to grant the Prime members access for streaming all the Prime video content on their smart devices (mostly big screen devices but includes Android phones, iPhones, and iPads).