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Microsoft Account https //

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Minecraft has been improving and evolving over the past few years. It has upgraded its version to the multiplayer mode and with that, they introduced the Minecraft Crossplay.

Also known as the cross-platform, it is a feature that allows users or players to play the game with their friends on any device they want. And that is where comes into the picture.

It is a carefully designed website that helps you connect to different devices using your Microsoft accounts. Or in other words, whichever device you have- PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series X/Series S consoles.

Here, in this read, you’ll get to know about the AKA MS remoteconnect error message in detail, you’ll understand the reason for getting the message, and the fix to the https // error.

Learning about the error message on Aka MS Remoteconnect

You need to remember that has been crafted for a better experience of the Minecraft Crossplay, which is known to be the major reason behind the occurrence of the error message we’ll be focusing on here.

This problem occurs as people attempt to play the game on a PlayStation or a Nintendo Switch console like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch Lite or Nintendo Switch. In addition to that, the requirement of an active Xbox Live account works as a probable cause of the message too.

You can access your Xbox Live using a standard Microsoft account for free, which refers to the requirement of a Microsoft account to enable crossplay on your device. And this may further lead to the error message.

We thought it would be of great help if you knew what the error message reads and therefore, we have acquired the exact words used in displaying that there has been an error. Given below is the error message as will be displayed on your screen:

“Signing into a Microsoft Account will permanently associate it with your current account for “PlayStation Network” (or Nintendo Switch, Xbox). If you are already using a Microsoft Account to access Minecraft on another device, you may use that account. You can only do this once per account on “PlayStation Network”, so please choose your Microsoft Account carefully.

Visit this website on another device:

And enter this code: _______”

There will be more content included in the error message, however, putting down the exact words would not be possible as the rest of the message depends on the device you are using at the moment. You are suggested to immediately head to https // for submitting the code displayed on your screen towards the end of the message.

Reason for getting the error message explained

This section the read will help you understand why the error message gets displayed on your screen. According to experts, there have been two major conditions where you face this error message:

  • It may occur while you try to benefit from the exclusive Minecraft Crossplay features for the very first time on your device if you haven’t already linked it to a Microsoft account. Mostly, it has been reported to occur when you play the game on any of the following non-Microsoft devices- PlayStation, Nintendo, and the like.
  • It may occur due to any major and recent changes on your device. Let’s say, for instance, you shift from an Xbox console to using a PlayStation console, or from a PlayStation console to using a Nintendo console.

Go for fixing the error message hindrance

This carefully crafted part of the read is to help you fix the problem when you face the error message on https // Experts say there are three major ways to fix the problem, and we’ll be discussing them here in detail.

Before reading on, you need to remember that each of the following fixes must be implemented on your device to get rid of the error. Now, let’s move forth to the ways:

The first fix is to type in the sign-in code for Microsoft from Minecraft

For this, you’d have to visit the access page for the Microsoft code to find it. Once you manage to get the access codes, you’d have to copy-paste them on the page where you see the error message.

The second fix is to delete the corrupted game data saved on Minecraft

This way is the hardest and we know it. However, if the above fix doesn’t work you’d have to go for it. The game data files need to be deleted, as there are chances that they have been corrupted and it is necessary to fix the problem on https // Go to the System Settings, then to Storage, then to Game Storage, and try to find the game data files. This would mean you lose your scores, you progress and you’d have to start again from the beginning after the error message is gone.

The third fix is to create or acquire a new Microsoft account for free to associate

If in case, both the above ways do not work, then this is your way out. You’d have to go for creating a new Microsoft account for free and associate it with your device for continuing with the game or restarting the game. Once, your new account has been created, you can sign in using the credentials and overcome the error message obstacle.


The detailed read above has been focused on familiarizing you with the major purpose of the existence of a particular website- https // The read will then be followed by elaborated details about the error message that gets displayed at the time of attempting to play Minecraft Crossplay on any of your devices, especially the non-Microsoft devices.

You also get to know about the major causes behind the occurrence of the error message and their exclusive but facile resolutions that will help you. You must follow and try each of them, one by one and move ahead with it on