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Thousands of movies and TV shows. Always Free. 100% Legal. Activate Tubi on Your Device

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Let’s begin the read with a simple yet strong quote that was given by Karrine Steffans, an American author- “The entertainment industry is vast and is a reflection of the society we live in”.

Well, don’t you think that’s exactly what entertainment is?

Yes, there are fictional stories and tons of imagination comes to life in movies and other video content but, most of them are based on real-life incidents and experiences that occur in our day-to-day lives.

So, here, in this informative and entertaining read, we’ll be walking you through significant details about a streaming service- Tubi tv, and we have tried focusing on familiarizing you with the procedures that (a web page) entails.

But before we get into that, you should know Tubi tv is an online streaming service that requires compatible devices to be in a good range of internet connectivity. After all, an American businessman like Michael Ovitz said, “The Internet is the greatest thing that ever happened to the entertainment industry”.

Reading on, you’ll get a small introduction about the service, followed by its exclusive features and compatible devices along with processes to set up and activate it on them. So, hop on the leisure ride with us for video entertainment on Tubi tv.

Getting to know Tubi tv better with some specifics

The streaming service we are discussing offers a TV experience that is based on subscriptions. Yes, Tubi tv offers viewers great shows and movies for a reasonable and affordable price and all of the video content is accessible anytime, without extra charges.

It has a well-reputed global reach for being an open-source platform with many viewers.

Mandating the creation of user accounts grants access to several thousands of TV shows and movies from all major or essential production studios. And to your benefit, there is no fee applicable for creating an account along with the elimination of restrictions.

It is possible that most of Tubi tvs’ success is a result of the above reason including the service of user access to modern smart communications and all the supported streaming devices.

Key traits of Tubi tv for making your decision

Do you know how there are tons of shampoo brands or let’s say breakfast cereal in a mall and you get confused about what to buy when there are so many choices?

Well, that’s the same when it comes to deciding which streaming service is the best to go ahead with. And this section of the read is directed towards helping you with it by familiarizing you with its features before walking you to the part for

  • The user interface or the usage of Tubi tv is extremely facile and makes you a pro in no time
  • It is known to be a cluster of channels that is suitable for the different people in our diverse society
  • The service can be functional with all the mobile carriers and internet providers
  • It does not require people to pay for the service as there is no pre-requisite for signing any type of contract
  • Users are eligible to watch on-demand programs depending on their favorites and go on to stream shows in great HD viewing quality
  • The on-demand feature grants users access to rewind the shows and helps with keeping up
  • The available content keeps getting updated to help you have access to the new and trending variety
  • It is compatible with all the mobile device variants and has launched an app for the same
  • Privacy restrictions are very strict and allow both new and pre-existing users to have access to the video variety

Devices compatible with the process

Here is a list that shows you which devices support streaming Tubi tv on them:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • IOS
  • PlayStation
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Xbox
  • Xfinity X1

Setting up your Tubi tv account and activating it

Enlisted are the steps you’d have to undergo to set up your account on the streaming service and further activate it:
  1. Begin with downloading or acquiring the app on your device.
  2. Go on to signing up on the service with a registered email and password.
  3. Keep up with the prompted instructions to fill up the requested data.
  4. Note down the activation code you see on the screen at all times.
  5. Head back to the device’s Home Menu> “Settings”> and lastly, “Link TV Code”.
  6. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to get into the site.
  7. Spot and hit on the option reading “Sign in Online” to go forth.
  8. Now, type in the code you noted down (it will still be displayed on-screen).
  9. Place a hit on “Submit”, and wait for Tubi to be viewed on your device.
Note: You can sign up on Tubi with your Facebook account details in place of your email account.

Activating the Tubi tv service on your Smart TVs

  1. Get the Tubi TV app downloaded and launch it on your smart TV.
  2. Go ahead and use “Sign In” or “Register” or “Link your account”.
  3. Go on to spot the activation code displaying on your TV screen.
  4. Use another device, launch a web browser, head to
  5. Move forth and complete the registration for the Tubi TV account.
  6. On spotting the empty area, go ahead and type in the activation code.
  7. Ensure it’s valid, hit either the “Submit” or “Activate Device” option.


Tubi TV has acquired tons of appreciation along with a user base of millions because of the variety of great TV shows and movies it offers in exchange for a certain amount, which is both reasonable and affordable.

For being an exclusively open-source content platform, the subscription-based TV service has managed to go overseas and connect with people around the world.

The detailed read above has been focused on familiarizing you with the service along with beneficial features that will make Tubi TV your best entertainment choice. Additionally, you’ll also get to know about the web portal that is essential for activating the service on your devices.