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Telemundo com Activar – Active su dispositivo

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Just when you get bored of your regional TV shows and decide on switching to something new and unique, opting for Spanish language-based shows could be the perfect choice for you. 

Not because these shows are available in a language other than yours, but these shows let you have a sneak peek into their regional culture and come with subtitles helping you understand what exactly is going on.

Aren’t you excited to know what channel or what streaming service we are talking about?

Well, it’s none other than Telemundo, one of the most famous American Spanish-language Networks that lets you stream more than 45 shows once you activate it through the Telemundo com activar link.

Don’t know how to activate this channel on your device?

Don’t worry as we’ll be walking you through the complete activation procedure on a variety of compatible devices.

How much does Telemundo cost?

Watching Telemundo on a compatible device requires you to have your subscription purchased before you could initiate the activation process through the Telemundo com link.

And the good news is that, if you have a basic TV service subscription, you can get this channel added just for $35 a month. Also, if you haven’t used the trial version of this package, you can go ahead and try activating your free 7 or 30 days trial now to see if it is really worth it.

Besides this, users who have an active subscription to Hulu can stream shows through Telemundo too without having to pay anything extra.

Sounds great, no?

Thus, in the segment below, we shall learn how to utilize the Telemundo com activar link to get started with this streaming station.

Activating Telemundo on an Android TV

If you have a smart TV by your side and you are wondering how to activate Telemundo on it, then the segment below has got you covered. Sharing the complete procedure here:

  1. Go to the application store on your smart TV and install the Telemundo app
  2. Open the app and select your TV service provider from the pre-available options
  3. From here you will obtain the Telemundo activation code
  4. Get this code noted down for a while
  5. From a browser, open the Telemundo com activar link
  6. Type the activation code and sign in to your TV service provider
  7. As soon as you sign in, your Telemundo station will be activated

Guidelines to activate Telemundo on an Apple TV

An Apple TV allows its users to stream shows through different service providers including Apple TV. For the activation, follow and apply the listed steps:

  1. Begin by opening the Apple TV App Store
  2. Make a search for the “Telemundo” app from the store
  3. Upon finding the official app, get it on your TV
  4. Open the application and log in with your Apple ID
  5. Now, the Telemundo activation code will be shown to you
  6. To input the activation code, navigate to the Telemundo com link
  7. This shall activate the Telemundo service on your device
  8. You can now enjoy streaming your show in Spanish

How to watch Telemundo shows on a Roku device?

Aren’t Roku devices perfect for streaming shows from all the ongoing service providers? Fortunately, Roku offers its users to stream shows through Telemundo as well. So, let’s catch up on the steps you need to follow to get this station activated:

  1. Land on to your Roku home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote
  2. From there, select the option to open the streaming channels list
  3. Use the search area to look for the “Telemundo” channel and select it when found
  4. To get the app installed, you have to select the “Add channel” option
  5. The installation should begin by now and you can go ahead with tapping “More” on the top-right corner
  6. On being asked, enter your NBC Universal Profile log in data
  7. It’s time to choose My Profile from the drop-down menu
  8. The screen will now show the activation code which you need to feed at Telemundo com activar page

Adding Telemundo to Amazon Fire TV 

If you want to add Telemundo as a channel on your Amazon Fire TV, then you must check out the steps that are listed below. But, before that, you can go to the Telemundo com link webpage and see for yourself if it is worth it or not.

  1. Open the Apps section from the main screen of your Amazon Fire TV
  2. Search for “Telemundo” and get its app installed on your Fire TV
  3. After installing the app successfully, open it to get started
  4. Follow through the on-screen instructions and find the activation code
  5. You now may be asked to enter the login details of your service provider
  6. It’s time to navigate to the Telemundo com activar link from a different device
  7. On the activation page, open the “Seleccione Su Dispositivo” menu
  8. Choose your streaming device which in this case is Amazon Fire TV
  9. Again, choose your service provider from the “Seleccionesuproveedor de cable” list
  10. Enter the activation code in the “Introduzca el Codigo de activacion” area and choose “CONTINUAR”

Find these popular TV shows/programs on Telemundo

The moment you are done activating the Telemundo channel via the Telemundo com link on a compatible device, you’ll be allowed to watch the following shows:

Telemundo com activar

  • Reina del Sur (Southern Queen)
  • Silvana Sin Lana is a character in the film Silvana Sin Lana.
  • Mixed Zone TYM
  • Mariposa de Barrio Jenni Rivera
  • Mara Celeste in Al Rojo Vivo
  • Loli’s good fortune
  • Massive Natural Disasters
  • Latinx Right Now!
  • A total of 12 hearts
  • The Lord of the Cielos
  • 100 days to fall in love with us
  • Gavilanes’ Passion
  • Ninja fighter from the United States
  • Share your knowledge with me.
  • The case has been closed
  • Telemundo News (Spanish)
  • The Aroma of Devotion


In my opinion, the Telemundo streaming service is a bit on the pricier side but it is totally worth it for all those people who are a fan of Spanish shows and programs. Since the shows come with English subtitles, there is no choice but to say no to this channel because it seems to cross all the language barriers.

If you are already streaming shows through Hulu, then you do not need an additional subscription to Telemundo to stream shows through it. But, at the same time, we have tried our best to give you an insight on the Telemundo activation process via the Telemundo com activar link.

Enjoy streaming!