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Link Your TV Provider
Follow the prompts on your device to get your activation code. Both your computer and device must be connected to the internet to link your TV provider. – Link TV Provider & Activate Device

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We’ve been witnessing marvelous evolution in the world of technology and somehow, all of those changes went hand-in-hand with the entertainment realm- new genres, new outlook, new stories and so many new ways to watch them.

Beginning with television, then computers, mobile phones, and then streaming devices and/services- entertainment as we know it, went through tons of alteration. And today, we’ve all shifted from cable TV subscriptions to Wi-Fi subscriptions to stream content.

Here, we’ll be talking about a certain streaming channel, which is a well-established paid television network that users can view on their Smart TVs and streaming devices with a good Internet connection- the Investigation Discovery GO channel, otherwise known as IDGO.

You must be wondering, why we chose this particular service. Well, the only thing that attracted us is the genre it caters to- CRIME. That’s right, every video content in its library is based on genuine crime cases (mostly documentary-form content).

There’s a famous saying- “A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime”. And just like that, we know that this genre is so addictive that people keep going back to it. And why wouldn’t they, most of the content available on this channel is based on true stories!

Assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, stalking- if it has happened, it is most likely to appear on this exclusive channel. Reading on, we’d walk you through the list of all the compatible devices, activation steps for the IDGO com activate website, and so much more.

Let’s begin with the devices that are compatible with IDGO

As you can make out from the subject title, this part of the read is equipped with the list of all the devices that would support the IDGO activate procedure and provide you with a gateway to stream the best crime shows ever made:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Philo
  • Roku TV
  • Sling TV
  • Verizon/FiOS
  • Xbox One
  • YouTube TV

Note: The “” website is an exclusively designed website to help viewers activate the IDGO stream on their streaming devices or smart TVs.

Know the activation steps on Amazon Fire TV for IDGO

Let us walk you through the steps that you’d have to perform as and when you decide to stream the IDGO shows on your Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Turn your device on and head into the Amazon App Store.
  2. In the search bar, type in the “Investigation Discovery GO” app.
  3. Go ahead and install it on finding what you were looking for.
  4. Post-installation, launch the app to get to the sign-in window.
  5. Sign in to your IDGO account with the TV provider’s credentials.
  6. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll get a code displayed on the screen.
  7. Note it down and head into a browser from a computer.
  8. Head into “”- the official IDGO activation site.
  9. On reaching the webpage, type in the code and go for “Activate”.
  10. Wait for it to activate and stream IDGO on Amazon Fire TV.

Scroll through the IDGO Activate steps for Android TV

Here, in this part of the read we’ll guide you through the activation steps for IDGO on your Android TV:

  1. Switch the Android TV on and head into the Play Store.
  2. Look for the ID GO application and install it on finding it.
  3. Once it’s done, move on to launch the application.
  4. Put in your TV provider’s credentials and sign in to IDGO.
  5. This will direct you to the activation code on the screen.
  6. Note the code on an offline location when you see it.
  7. Move to a computer and go to the IDGO com activate site.
  8. Put in the noted code and hit on the “Activate” link.
  9. Wrap up as soon as the activation is completed.

Understand the IDGO activate procedure for Xbox One

This part of the read has been focused on assisting you throughout the activation procedure for IDGO on your Xbox One consoles:

  1. With an HDMI cable, create a link between your TV and Xbox One.
  2. Turn both devices on, and head into the available “Microsoft Store”.
  3. Do a quick search for the “Investigation Discovery GO” app.
  4. On finding it, move forth and install it by keeping up with the prompts.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete and then, launch the app.
  6. Type in the IDGO account credential from your TV provider to sign in.
  7. Once your sign-in is complete, you’ll get access to the activation code.
  8. Now, use your computer or smartphone to head into
  9. Put in the activation code from your TV screen and end with “Activate”.

List of shows to stream post the “IDGO activate” procedure

Now, after we’ve walked you through the IDGO com activate steps for some of the compatible devices, we thought of introducing this small section clustering a list of the top 25 shows that have successfully managed to maintain its reputation and recognition as a few of the best shows IDGO channel has ever offered:

  • Disappeared
  • Evil Lives Here
  • Deadly Women
  • Crime to Remember
  • Nothing Personal
  • On The Case With Paula Zahn
  • Blood Relatives
  • Unusual suspect
  • Forensics: You Decide
  • Nightmare Next Door
  • The Crime With Aphrodite Jones
  • Main Street Mysteries
  • Obsession Dark Desires
  • Murder Chose Me
  • Twisted Love
  • Wives With Knives
  • Swamp Murders
  • Real PD: Kansas City
  • Evil Kin
  • Murder Among Friends
  • People Magazine Investigates
  • Chaos in Court
  • Hometown Homicide: Local Mysteries
  • Fear Thy Neighbor
  • American Monster
  • Diabolical

Make sure you go through the IDGO com activate procedure by keeping up with each step depending on which device you want to stream it on. Because, unless you’ve successfully completed the activation steps after the installation of the application, streaming it would be next to impossible.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the changes that the entertainment industry went through by focusing on a particular streaming channel- Investigation Discovery GO that focuses on one of the most loved genres- Crime.

Every detail you find in the information piece above would simply add to the experience you have with the channel after you’ve activated the service app via IDGO com activate on your streaming devices or smart TVs.

Going through the read, you got to know the elaborate steps of the IDGO activate procedure on a few devices along with a small list of the top 25 shows that have managed to stay in the spotlight for quite some time now.