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Fox Nation com Activate – Fox Sports Activate

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One of the biggest achievements made by the Fox channel, apart from excelling in the field of news telecast, is its Fox entertainment streaming service. And, this endearing streaming service is renowned by the name Fox nation.

Being a new user, you might be interested to know what Fox nation is all about and how users can make the most out of this service.

Thus, to make sure that users get each bit of the right information about this service, we have compiled this article and put together all the necessary details here so that you can easily undergo the Fox nation activation procedure at Fox nation com activate webpage without any struggle.

Although some users may find it a little challenging, if you keep on following the instructions that we have included here, you will surely be successful in your endeavor.

In my personal opinion, I would suggest you activate the free trial of Fox nation and try to figure out if it is worth it or not.

So, let’s check out some related details without further ado.

What Fox nation treasures for us?

Whether you activate Fox sports or Fox nation, learning a few important traits about it is never a bad idea. Here is the list of things you’ll have access to if you undergo Fox nation activation via Fox Nation com activate:

  • As soon as you activate your Fox nation subscription via activate website, you will be allowed to savor the available content on any of the compatible smart devices such as mobile phones, PCs, and Smart Televisions.
  • Users can get access to live telecasts of a lot of programs. Alongside, they also get to stream a plethora of pre-recorded content.
  • This American video streaming service may also be clubbed with Fox Sports activate to enhance your entertainment quotient.
  • Alongside, you’ll also be able to stream documentaries of different personalities so that you can have in-depth background details about them.

With that acknowledged, it is time that we take a glance at the pricing of Fox nation.

How much does Fox nation activation cost?

The users who have already utilized the benefits that come along with the free trial version of Fox nation can continue to stream shows and documentaries after paying a nominal subscription fee. However, if you haven’t used the trial offer already, then you can easily activate the trial version via the Fox nation com activate webpage.

Speaking about the subscription fee, it will cost you around $5.99 per month. Meanwhile, if you want to pay a yearly subscription fee, then the yearly subscription will cost you $64.99. On the flip side, they also offer a 2-year plan only for $99.00.

Isn’t it worth it? Well, according to me, it is.

However, the fee to Activate Fox sports may vary.

Fox nation app installation procedure

Fox Nation com Activate

Before you could activate Fox nation on any device, it is important that you install it on your device. For the correct installation and activation procedures, go through the segments discussed below.

Here, we are giving you comprehensive details by taking the example of a Roku device. So, be patient and learn the complete procedure in detail:

  1. Press the “Home” button on your remote to get to the main screen of the Roku
  2. Now, get to the section labeled as “Movies and TV”
  3. Scroll and find out the Fox nation app from the list
  4. If the app could not be found, use the search menu to locate it
  5. After finding out its location, select and read its description
  6. After choosing the app, move forward by selecting “Add Channel”
  7. The app download process will now begin and take a while to complete
  8. Once the download is complete, open the app and complete the activation via Fox nation com activate

How to activate Fox nation on a Roku device?

Although by following the easy prompts that you get on your screen after launching the app you can easily complete the Fox sports activate or Fox nation activation process, however, you still may want to know the guidelines to avoid any hurdles. So, check out the Fox nation activation procedure steps given below:

  1. Open the installed Fox nation app on your streaming device
  2. The landing screen will show you the Fox nation subscription activation code
  3. Note down this code as you will need to refer to it later
  4. Open another device and a browser on it
  5. In the address, enter the “ activate” and select “Go”
  6. On the Fox nation com activate page, enter the code from step 3
  7. Make sure that you enter the code correctly
  8. Place a click on the “Activate” option

You are now all ready to begin watching your favorite shows or documentaries on the go.

Activating Fox nation on a smart TV

To activate Fox nation on a smart TV or connected devices, you can undergo the steps that are enlisted right below:

  1. To begin, you sign in/sign up for a Fox nation account
  2. On the page that appears on your screen, select “web browser”
  3. Navigate to Fox nation com activate and enter the activation code
  4. You can also get your camera to read the QR code
  5. Follow the prompted instructions to complete the Fox nation activation on your smart TV

Fox nation activation on a mobile device

Whether you want to undergo the Fox sports activate process or wish to activate Fox nation on your mobile device, you will need to follow a similar set of steps as listed below. But, prior to the initiation of the process, make sure you have purchased the subscription from your Fox account:

  1. Download the Fox nation app on your mobile device
  2. Click on the “Login” button if you are a Fox member
  3. Being a new user, you can click on the sign-up option and purchase the subscription
  4. Once logged in, you will see the code to activate Fox sports or Fox nation
  5. Copy down the displayed code or note it somewhere
  6. Use a browser on a device and go to Fox nation com activate
  7. Enter the activation code from the mobile app
  8. Click “Submit” and follow the prompted instructions

This will allow you to watch Fox nation shows on your mobile device.

Activating Fox nation on Xbox

To activate Fox nation on your Xbox device, follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. At first, you need to begin by signing in to your Xbox device
  2. Go to the application store that is available on Xbox
  3. Use the search bar and find “FOX Nation” from the list
  4. On the page, you are sent to, select the option to get it for free
  5. Log in with your Fox account credentials
  6. This shall generation the Fox nation activation on your screen
  7. Use a browser on your mobile and go to Fox nation com activate
  8. Type the activation code and click “Submit” to complete the activation

List of Best Shows available on Fox Nation

Check out the list of some great shows that are available to be watched on Fox nation:

  • Tucker Carlson Tonight
  • What made America great
  • Tucker Carlson Originals
  • Castles USA
  • Primetime all the time
  • The Dan Bongino show on Fox nation
  • Ainsley’s Bible Study and more


Prior to initiating the activation process, it is important that you check the device’s compatibility. If Fox nation does not work on your device, you should try to figure out any problem with the internet connection on your device. Besides this, during the activation process, you should assure that you are using the same account with which you have purchased the subscription or not. Otherwise, redeeming the subscription would be difficult.