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Instant access to acclaimed original series and specials, plus hit Hollywood movies. devices – Activate Epix Now

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Entertainment has become a crucial part of our lives because in the fast-pacing world everybody today is looking for a way to escape. And the entertainment industry provides us with exactly that- an escape from the everyday chaos and to a better place of relaxation and fun.

But the way of entertainment is not the same as remembered by people from a decade ago. Many people today either do not have the time to go to movie theatres or just prefer staying home. And that is where the OTT platforms came to the rescue.

Tons of streaming services came up and brought us the theatre-like experience from the comfort of our home. Therefore, we thought of what better subject to discuss than one of the best streaming services we have come across so far- Epix Now. 

Reading on, you’ll get to know about the service in a very brief introduction along with some details on its subscription price and one of its principal features. And in addition to that you’ll get to know about the steps involved in various devices for the Epix Now Activate procedure.

Know about the Epix Now- the glorious path to entertainment

Before we discuss anything about the devices website, we’d like you to know the service so that you can either decide in its favor or move on to choose any other service.

Epix Now is a simple over-the-top or OTT platform (subscription-based) where viewers can sort through the options of watching the latest movies and other TV shows. In addition to all the new movies and trending TV shows, you will have access to tons of live channels.

One of the major characteristics of the service is that to avail of the service, you do not have to sign up with your TV provider, or any TV provider for that matter. You, as a viewer, would only have to pay $5.99 each month to access content from the app via

Once you’ve gone through the activate procedure on your devices (if compatible), we assure you that your entertainment choices would be wide and your experience would’ve simply been redefined with the opportunity to download and choose offline viewing.

These Live Channels you access to after Epix Now Activate

Epix Now is said to be fairly new in the entertainment business that has several contents that range from great movie hits and original TV shows. Along with that, once you’ve successfully completed the procedure on the Epix activation site, you get access to four exclusive live channels:

  • Epix Drive-in
  • Epix Hits
  • Epix
  • Epix 2

List of devices compatible with the activate

The activation steps for the Epix Now streaming service have some requirements that determine the devices compatible with it (therefore,, and this part of the read is prepared to help you with the list of devices you can watch or stream it on:


  • Roku devices
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox
  • PS4

Learn to activate on devices for Roku

This part of the read will help you activate Epix Now on Roku using

  1. Turn your Roku box on and press your remote’s “Home” button.
  2. Use the keys to scroll through the options and hit “Streaming Channels”.
  3. On reaching the Roku Channel Store, search for the “Epix Now” channel.
  4. On getting it, look for the “Add Channel” link and install the app channel.
  5. Post-installation, launch the channel and not/retain the displayed code.
  6. Use a computer and a web browser to get into the Epix Now Activate site.
  7. On the website, head towards the associated box and put in the noted code.
  8. To conclude, use the TV provider credentials to log in to Epix on Roku.

Steps to activate devices for Amazon Fire TV

This section has been exclusively prepared to help you through the activation procedure on Amazon Fire TV via

  1. Turn your TV on and use the Fire TV home screen to hit the “Search” link.
  2. Type in “Epix Now” in the search bar, and hit on it from the results.
  3. Head to the home screen and hit on the app icon to download & install it.
  4. Wait for the complete installation and hit on “Activate” after the app launch.
  5. Once you see the code on-screen, use a browser to go to the activation site.
  6. On reaching the site, put the code from your TV to the associated box.
  7. Go through the recommended prompts and complete the activation.

Learn to activate Epix Now for your Xbox device

Here, in this part of the read you’ll get precise assistance with the activation procedure for Epix Now on your Xbox device console (via

  1. Turn your device on and head to the “Store” from your home screen.
  2. Scroll through the “Browse Apps” option and search for “Epix Now”.
  3. Make sure you download and install the application on finding it.
  4. Head to the home screen and launch the “Epix Now” application.
  5. Head to any web browser and get into the Epix now activate site.
  6. Choose the name of your cable TV provider from the given list.
  7. Use TV provider credentials to log in and note down the displayed code.
  8. Now head back to your Xbox console and type in the 6-digit code.

Steps to activate on devices for Apple TV

This part of the read has been carefully prepared to help you through the activation procedure on your Apple TV via

  1. Turn your device on and launch the app for Apple TV.
  2. Head to the “My Channels” section and look for “Epix Now”.
  3. Once you hit the application icon, wait for the subscription prompt.
  4. Hit on the option that reads “Activate” on the TV screen.
  5. Use a browser to get into the activate website.
  6. Select the name of the TV provider from the existing list.
  7. Now, to conclude the procedure, follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: When you undergo the activation procedure for Epix Now on Apple TV, the application will be pre-installed.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to introduce you to the Epix Now streaming service. You’ve learned that it is a simple subscription-based over the top service that viewers can explore and choose the content to watch.

However, a major share of the reading has been focused on the activation procedure, or to be precise, the procedure to undergo on the Epix Now activate website. And reading through the informative piece above, you’ve learned the activation procedures for different devices to stream the service on.