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Entertainment is a way of communicating and connecting to a larger portion of society at once by using short videos with audio-visual effects and stories of relatable characters. You’d be surprised as to what extent video content can speak to people.

Living in an enhanced technical world, we know that entertainment is everywhere, and internet or Wi-Fi connections increase the ease of accessibility to it. Let us tell you about a time that we are unsure of today- do you remember people had no Internet and having a television set was a luxury?

Well, we have definitely heard that there was a time like that, which seems a thing of the past, and way into it. But anyway, the television sets before came with cable TV connections that helped in watching shows and movies available on the connected network.

And today, we have options to subscribe to several streaming services including cable TV connections. But have you wondered, what would happen if both things came together? The experience of a cable TV service with the ease and content variety of a streaming service!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we bring to you Now, if you want to know what that is, we would like to suggest you keep reading. To begin the topic, you should know that the Columbia Broadcasting System, or as it’s globally renowned- CBS is an American enterprise that serves society by broadcasting a radio and television network.

Here in this read, we’ll be walking you through every detail that you might require to get the cable network for streaming on your new era smart TVs with the help of the Internet, beginning with introducing the brand and some significant details about it, followed by how you can set it up on your Roku devices and a small section on CBSSports Roku.

CBS- experience Cable TV and Internet streaming together

The CBS network, as mentioned earlier, serves viewers and listeners with exclusive television and radio services (respectively). And again, as mentioned at the beginning of this read, the entire service is based on the belief that entertainment broadcast is a route to communicating significant data or information to the members of society.

It was ideated and designed as a subsidiary of the very renowned ViacomCBS and we’ll be focusing on helping you understand its integration with the Roku, which is one of the globally progressing organizations for creating streaming devices.

We believe that users would be able to achieve great new levels of entertainment experience both with and without commercials (based on the subscription packages). Also, you might find another description of the service- it is a cable TV and streaming service integration and provides a variety of pooled and original CBS shows that can be streamed on smart TVs and other media devices.

Making use of the streaming service would require you to have an antenna that is over-the-air or a general cable package that provides you direct access to CBS and CBSSports Roku. However, it is possible that you go on to stream the network even if you do not have a working cable package.

Let us share the benefits of getting CBS

We believe there are several different reasons why people go for Roku and a CBS subscription. Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be taking you on a stroll through the list of perks (or reasons) people give

  • Viewers of the service have access to original shows, news exclusives, Games, and sports.
  • All commercial-free programs on the service comprise mostly of one-stream classic programs.
  • New episodes are made available a day after they get aired and make it accessible for the users.
  • The CBS Sports Network offers to watch NFL games and other such big games and shows.
  • Taking into consideration the daytime, prime time, and nighttime, you get to watch 10000+ episodes of all the CBS programs ever.
  • All special events can be kept track of with the very amazing “behind the camera” scenes from the shows.

Scroll through the Roku setup procedure

We are all aware that any technical device, before being put to use, needs to be set up. Likewise, to go through the procedure, you would first have to set up your Roku device. Therefore, let us walk you through the steps for a successful Roku setup:

  1. Begin by plugging in your Roku TV and switching it on.
  2. Connect it to a Wi-Fi network, post-ensuring its reliability.
  3. Now, head to create a new Roku account to move forth.
  4. Follow the prompts to move to procedure.

Helping you set up CBS on a Roku device

Here is the most awaited section of the read- setting up the CBS entertainment service on your Roku device. We’ll be walking you through the steps of setting it up on

  1. Make sure you have a CBS subscription or get one.
  2. Now, turn the Roku device on and go to “Home”.
  3. Head into the “Search Channels” option link.
  4. Type in the name of the network service- CBS.
  5. As the result window opens, hit on “Add Channel”.
  6. Once it is installed, you need to hit on “OK”.
  7. Head back to “Home” and choose the installed app.
  8. On launch, log into your channel provider’s credentials.
  9. Head to the and type in the activation code.
  10. Wait for the activation to complete and begin streaming.

Get to know what CBS Sports has in store for you

Here, we talk about CBS Sports, which also can be streamed on your Roku devices (smart TVs and other streaming device variants). The first thing you need to know is that it is an American subscription-based television network, which is owned by the great CBS Entertainment Group. To be even more honest, we’d like to tell you that this network is known to be a classy 24-hour cable home.

With CBSSport Roku you can get exclusive and facile accessibility to the sports network’s original programming along with all the sports news, game recaps, programming, and videos. It can provide you with 4500 hours (or maybe more) of live shows each year.

That is also inclusive of live college football matches for basketball, and conferences that comprise the live football and basketball found in the college basket.

What device to choose if not

We know we’ve been siding with Roku and its device throughout the read, but we also think that you need to know what are the other device options that you get to choose from, as and when you decide on setting up CBS, the entertainment paradise. Thus, enlisted are the choices:

  • Roku TV, Stick, and streaming players
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Apple and Android TVs
  • Fire Cube and Google Chromecast
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Although there are so many varieties of devices to stream CBS on, has no match for it.


The detailed read above has been equipped with exclusive details about the website that helps you activate and set up the CBS cable TV streaming on your Roku smart TV. That’s right, this read would definitely change your belief that cable TV and Internet streaming cannot be one.

As you read through, you get to learn about the CBS entertainment service along with the benefits it offers when streamed, followed by exclusive sections for setting up your Roku TV, setting up CBS on your Roku TV, a small section to introduce you to CBS Sports Network, and a list of devices that allows CBS streaming.